Navigating the Two-Pot Retirement System: Integrating It into Your Financial Plan

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Navigating the Two-Pot Retirement System: Integrating It into Your Financial Plan

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Katlego Mei CFP® – Financial Planner

We are halfway through the year, and the time is approaching when the two-pot system will become effective. The introduction of the two-pot retirement system on September 1, 2024, aims to provide retirement fund members with more control and flexibility over their retirement investments. This system allows you to access a portion of your investments when needed while still preserving the majority for retirement. As this new system is implemented, it’s crucial to give it some thought and understand how it can be integrated into your overall financial plan. Here are some key considerations:

Understand the Structure

Under the two-pot system, your retirement contributions will be split into two separate accounts:

Retirement Pot: Two-thirds of your contributions will go into this pot, which is intended to be preserved until retirement. The funds in this pot will be used to purchase an annuity to provide you with a steady income stream in retirement.

Savings Pot: One-third of your contributions will go into this more accessible pot. You will be able to make one withdrawal per year from this pot, with a minimum withdrawal amount of R2,000. Withdrawals will be taxed at your marginal tax rate. The starting balance will be funded from your existing retirement savings within the fund. It will be calculated by multiplying your balance in the fund on 31 August 2024 by 10% and capped at a maximum of R30 000. The lower of the two amounts will be the seed capital.

In addition, there will be a third “vested pot” that contains any retirement savings you had accumulated prior to September 1, 2024. This vested pot will continue to be governed by the previous retirement system rules.

Use the Savings Pot Judiciously

The savings pot is intended to give you access to funds in times of financial need. However, it’s important to use this feature sparingly. Each withdrawal will reduce the overall amount available to you in retirement, as that money will no longer have the opportunity to grow through compounding over time.

Before making a withdrawal, carefully consider whether it is truly necessary. Can the financial need be met through other means, such as an emergency fund? Withdrawing from your savings pot should be a last resort, as it can have a significant long-term impact on your retirement savings.

Preserve as Much as Possible

The primary goal of the two-pot system is to encourage greater preservation of retirement savings. The retirement pot makes up two-thirds of your contributions and is designed to be inaccessible until you reach retirement age.

While the savings pot provides flexibility, resisting the temptation to withdraw from it frequently is crucial. Each withdrawal not only reduces the amount available to you in retirement but also means that money will miss out on the benefits of long-term compounding growth.

Integrate into Your Financial Plan

When developing or reviewing your financial plan, consider how the two-pot system will impact your plan. Here are some ways to incorporate it:

Build a separate emergency fund: Use the savings pot as a last resort for emergencies. Focus on building up your emergency fund and other short-term savings first to minimise the need to withdraw from your retirement savings. If you really need to access the savings, make sure that the reason is good enough and will improve your overall financial well-being.

Review and adjust regularly: As your financial situation changes, review your financial plan and make adjustments to account for the two-pot system. Work with a qualified financial planner to ensure that your plan remains aligned with your goals and to ensure that your retirement savings are correctly invested for the long term.

Stay Informed and Engaged

As the two-pot system is implemented, it is helpful to stay informed about the process and any updates or changes. Your financial planner, retirement fund administrator, or employer can provide you with relevant information and guidance on the new system.

Take the time to read and understand the information provided, and don’t hesitate to ask questions if you’re unsure about anything. Active engagement and understanding of the two-pot system will help you make informed decisions about your retirement savings.

In conclusion, the two-pot retirement system has the potential to provide you with more flexibility and control over your retirement savings. However, using this flexibility wisely and prioritising long-term preservation is essential to ensure a secure and comfortable retirement.

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