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Budgeting Strategies for Financial Freedom

by Jonathan Theunissen, CFP® Budgeting is the cornerstone of financial success and a powerful tool for achieving financial freedom. It’s not about restricting your spending; instead, it’s about making conscious choices and allocating your resources to align with your goals. In this article, we’ll explore ten tips and techniques for effective budgeting that can help[...]
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Navigating Investment Risk

Stienemarié Bonsma-Potgieter, CFP® – Financial Planner Investing can be overwhelming, with countless factors to consider. Among these, investment risk seems to be a big concern to most investors. When most investors think of investment risk, they often think about volatility, i.e. the up and down movements of the market that affect the investment value. While[...]
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The Key to Peace of Mind

Understanding the Importance of a Will By Katlego Mei, CFP® (Financial Planner at Galileo Capital) Many South Africans don’t have a valid will. This means lots of families are left vulnerable to financial trauma. In this piece, I discuss the importance of wills in personal finance and estate planning. Understanding the significance of wills can[...]
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