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Invest For Growth When You Are Near Retirement.

By Warren Ingram, CFP® Co-founder of Galileo Capital. It is common for investors to think that they should reduce the risk of their investments as they approach retirement. The primary motivation is to protect the precious capital that investors have accumulated over their careers. Unfortunately, selecting the certainty provided by low-risk investments at retirement could[...]
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The Real Deal on Residential Property Investment: Pros and Cons

By Warren Ingram, CFP® IntroductionResidential property investment is often promoted as a great way to accumulate wealth. The benefits, we are told, include passive income through rent as well as capital growth from rising house prices. In addition, there are the benefits of owning a tangible asset rather than an intangible asset like a share,[...]
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Personal finance and mental incapacity in your family

By Warren Ingram, CFP® What happens when a loved one loses mental capacity? The law offers a few options, but the situation is very complex, especially when adult children try to assist a parent who loses mental capacity. This article provides some ideas of the options available to family members facing this challenging situation. 1.[...]
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Maximising Growth: Strategies to Double Your Investment and Manage Risks

Investors frequently ask how long it will take for their investment to double in value. The answer is determined by their risk tolerance and patience with investments. This article explores the timelines for doubling investments across various assets, considering growth rates, additional contributions, and the potential downside risks. Understanding the Dynamics The table below details[...]
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