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Taking a Long-Term View

Long-term and short-term views
Jonathan Theunissen, CFP® – Financial Planner The Pitfalls of Short-Term Investment Tracking An interesting contrast exists in the world of investments: while property investors rarely fixate on annual valuations, many equity investors obsessively track their portfolio’s short-term performance. This behaviour is not only counterproductive but also misaligned with the fundamental principles of successful long-term investing.[...]
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Navigating the Two-Pot Retirement System: Integrating It into Your Financial Plan

the two-pot system
Katlego Mei CFP® – Financial Planner We are halfway through the year, and the time is approaching when the two-pot system will become effective. The introduction of the two-pot retirement system on September 1, 2024, aims to provide retirement fund members with more control and flexibility over their retirement investments. This system allows you to[...]
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Protecting Yourself Against Panic When Markets Fall

By Katlego Mei, CFP® The stock market can be unpredictable, causing sudden and dramatic changes in value that can leave even experienced investors feeling anxious and uncertain. When markets are falling, it’s natural to feel a sense of panic and uncertainty about the future of your investments. Emotions such as fear, greed, and anxiety can[...]
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Balancing retirement and discretionary investments to achieve financial harmony

Stienemarié Bonsma-Potgieter, CFP® – Financial Planner On the road to financial freedom, it is easy to become fixated on retirement savings, often at the expense of other valuable investment opportunities. While prioritising retirement funds is an important building block for long-term planning, relying solely on them can limit your financial flexibility and overall well-being. The[...]
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Invest For Growth When You Are Near Retirement.

By Warren Ingram, CFP® Co-founder of Galileo Capital. It is common for investors to think that they should reduce the risk of their investments as they approach retirement. The primary motivation is to protect the precious capital that investors have accumulated over their careers. Unfortunately, selecting the certainty provided by low-risk investments at retirement could[...]
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The Benefits of Consolidating Investments onto Fewer Platforms

Consolidating Investments
By Jonathan Theunissen, CFP® – Financial Planner The Benefits of Consolidating Investments onto Fewer Platforms  In the intricate world of wealth management, the strategic consolidation of investments onto fewer platforms can offer substantial benefits, particularly for high-net-worth families and individuals. Streamlining your investment holdings not only simplifies your financial life but also enhances cost efficiency and[...]
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What’s Your Retirement Dream?

Retired couple enjoying financial freedom
By Jonathan Theunissen, CFP® – Financial Planner  Sixty-five is the age most associated with retirement, largely because it’s when Social Security payments in the US have historically begun paying out. When President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act in 1935, the average life expectancy was only about 61 years. Over the course of the[...]
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Invest According to Your Goals, Not What Your Neighbour Says

By Katlego Mei, CFP® Investing appropriately is a crucial step towards securing your financial future, but it can be daunting. Nowadays, so much information is available on the internet and on social media. Our friends, neighbours, social media influencers, and family members seem to have lots of ideas about how we should invest. It’s easy[...]
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Nurturing Financial Wellbeing: Understanding Your Financial Personality

By Jonathan Theunissen, CFP® – Financial Planner  In personal finance, understanding your financial personality is key to achieving both economic stability and emotional wellbeing. Each individual has a unique approach to money management, shaped by their attitudes, behaviours, and experiences. By recognizing these traits and adopting micro-actions tailored to your financial personality, you can move[...]
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The Real Deal on Residential Property Investment: Pros and Cons

By Warren Ingram, CFP® IntroductionResidential property investment is often promoted as a great way to accumulate wealth. The benefits, we are told, include passive income through rent as well as capital growth from rising house prices. In addition, there are the benefits of owning a tangible asset rather than an intangible asset like a share,[...]
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