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Beyond Borders: The Why and How to Invest Offshore

By Anna Mabote (Portfolio Management Support at Galileo Asset Managers) Contrary to popular belief, investing in offshore markets is not exclusively reserved for the wealthy. Today’s world of economic globalization and interconnectedness has made it possible for anyone to invest in offshore markets and optimize the returns on their investment portfolio. Considering that South Africa[...]
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Creating a Personalised Financial Freedom Plan

By Jonathan Theunissen, CFP® – Financial Planner In the journey toward financial freedom, each person’s path is unique – filled with distinct goals, dreams, and challenges. The quest to achieve financial independence is not a one-size-fits-all endeavour. Instead, it’s a deeply personal and individualised journey. Understanding the Journey Every great story, from ancient myths to[...]
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Navigating Investment Risk

Stienemarié Bonsma-Potgieter, CFP® – Financial Planner Investing can be overwhelming, with countless factors to consider. Among these, investment risk seems to be a big concern to most investors. When most investors think of investment risk, they often think about volatility, i.e. the up and down movements of the market that affect the investment value. While[...]
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The Importance of Asset Allocation in Investing

By Anna Mabote (Portfolio Management Support at Galileo Asset Managers) In investing, asset allocation is possibly the most effective strategy used by investment managers. It is an integral part of wealth creation and preservation. In its simplest form, asset allocation spreads your investment portfolio across several asset classes, such as equities, fixed income, real estate,[...]
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Maximising Growth: Strategies to Double Your Investment and Manage Risks

Investors frequently ask how long it will take for their investment to double in value. The answer is determined by their risk tolerance and patience with investments. This article explores the timelines for doubling investments across various assets, considering growth rates, additional contributions, and the potential downside risks. Understanding the Dynamics The table below details[...]
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